A. Profile
hello i’m mixue but you can also call me jiayi! i'm 22 and chinese, i use he they rose prns and i also identify as nonbinary and queer!
B. Notes
i tend to change my name a lot but irdm what u call me as long as you're respectful :)
C. Links
twtretrospringcrd accwhispotify
cr hourlyriti for this crd layout!

D. To Know
i do rt/like nsfw tweets sometimes so pls keep that in mind. please do not call me ma’am or sis and don't use she/her pronouns on me unless we're close thx.
E. Go Away
minors. invalidate neopronouns. support bi/pan lesbians. dislike or anti any of my faves.

F. Love Zone
bts. yibo. xiao zhan. yuzuru hanyu. miyawaki sakura. hakken ryou. mads mikkelsen. hugh dancy.
G. Interests
HANNIBAL HANNIGRAM <3, harry potter, marvel, scooby-doo, running man, wangxian, buzzfeed unsolved, conjuring universe, studio ghibli and more!
H. Tunes
rina sawayama. taylor swift. avril lavigne. zayn malik. khalid. lil mariko. snsd. red velvet. twice. blackpink. ive. izone. le sserafim. loona. megan thee stallion. sub urban. jay chou.