To Know
i’m selective of follow reqs. i like to keyboard smash & type in all caps a lot. i twt lighthearted, random stuff. im ia and will often deactivate. don’t ss my twts.

Go Away
if ur a snitch (ukininam). idgaf abt who u stan just dont be an anti of my faves. idk u (reqs r ok if i ff tho). have no common interests w me. deranged shipper. non-ot7.
Find Me
retorsping. twitter. spotify

yoonkook. bunnies. ghibli films. honey citron tea. architecture.
bts yoonkook + bias wrecker jimin. txt. enha. skz. atz. twice. itzy. stayc. ive. lsrfm. mmm. kep1.
bibi. dpr. heize. dvwn. dean. umi. gracie abrams. boy pablo. the marias. sales. beabadoobee. nbhd. rina sawayama. joji. se so neon.