alice or vanny infj 4w5 458 melancholic/choleric chaotic neutral neurodivergent sx/sp cancer ☉ aquarius ☾ leo ↑

likes horror media. gore. girls. femininity. fashion. cosmetics. gyaru. japanese fashion. slashers. indie games. cartoons. anime. glitter. pink. blood. villains. yanderes. problematic relationship trophes. pastel colors. eroguro. dadcon. lolicon. yuri. momcon. siscon. shotacon. necro. harems. toddlercon

dislikes food. bugs. bathrooms. water. cold. work. animal abuse. junko kinnies. seinens. tiny animals. cishets. alt tiktok

byf not proshipper nor anti, dont tag me! im just having fun. i romantize problematic content. im little space. im neurodivergent, please be nice and patient with me... im hyperinclusionist. i dont use tone indicators nor tw/cws. i use a lot of slurs, slangs and acronyms. interact with nsfw and gore. i kinda do dark humor. im pro selfdiagnose

dni radfem/libfem. anti. exclusionist. pedo/zoo (irl). kpopie. pro self -harm/suicide. ableist. mcyt stan. -13/+23 (mutuals are ok!)

fnaf!! mcgee's alice. doki doki literature club. puella magi madoka magica. the walten files. encanto. kobayashi-san chi no dragon maid. my little pony. love live. yandere simulator. sophia the first. dark deception. sonic. arcane +
(changes a lot. i hiperfixate on a diff thing ever month/week)

babymetal. loona. tommy february6. red velvet. stayc. fromis_9. f(x). aespa. cignature. isabella lovestory. lexie liu. jolin tsai. namie amuro. kyary pamyu pamyu. akb48. ayesha ero. slayyyter. kero kero bonito.