about me
haii i'm lesly! i also go by chris. he they 17 latine guatemalan-salvadoran nd nblm
my linkss
carrd archive bambicrds priv twitter spotify curious cat
i only give copies of my own designs. please don't ask me for copies of carrds that weren't originally made by me.
cr yiboself & aicoholdrink for flip menu
ib giamgri

to know
main-priv, i have adhd, NO feminine terms, no pet names either, when priv you are okay to req, if unfollowing me please softblock!
-15, fit the basic dnfi criteria, support and stan kwj, ot9 stay, a edgy stan, are a troll or burner account
i'm a little slow with some things sorry, i run block chains regularly, i go ia sometimes (i have a life!), i only really talk about my current hyperfixations :P

what i like
ogron, stray kids, winx club, dolls, making carrds, cats, plushies, drawing
things that are bold are my hyperfixations!!!kpop
stray kids, itzy, nct, p1harmony, stayc, everglow, somi, e'last, nmixx
idkhow, waterparks, my chemical romance, fall out boy, pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens